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The Best Coffees in the World

  • Posted on May 23, 2017 at 6:54 pm

When considering the best coffees in the world, I went to the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) for research. They are the organization that sets the quality standards for specialty coffee, which the public calls “gourmet” coffee. All specialty coffees use arabica beans. The other category of is the robusta bean, which is of inferior taste quality to arabica. Within these categories, there are several varieties of bean. Arabica beans are grown at a higher altitude than robusta.

Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world and is graded in a similar manner as wine. This event is called a “cupping” and has a set of strict standards. Winning a cupping is very prestigious and has a direct effect on the prices a coffee grower can get for his crop.

History of these “cupping” winners has shown that three areas of the world produce the most winners. Interestingly, these regions have a very similar latitude when looking at the world map. The three regions are Ethiopia, Sumatra and Panama.

Ethiopian/Kenyan Coffee (Africa)

Ethiopian coffee is aromatic, highly flavorful, and also known to be some of the best coffees in the world. It is also the origin of all coffee. The Ethiopian people have a legend that says that a goat herder discovered Ethiopian coffee around 850 AD. This legend claims that the goat herder noticed that his sheep were very excited and nearly dancing after eating red berries from a tree. The legend of the founder goes on to say that the herder sampled the red berries for himself and took some of the berries home to his wife who insisted that he take them to the monks. The monks supposedly threw the berries into a fire and noticed the delicious smell that the berries produced. The monks are said to have removed the berries from the fire and boiled the berries in water to create the beverage that we now know as Ethiopian coffee.

Whether this legend is true, or in fact just a legend is forever a mystery. Regardless, Ethiopian coffee has been used for religious ceremonies. These ceremonies are still held today and if a guest is invited to participate in the ceremony, it is well known to be a very beautiful experience.

Locally, Ethiopian coffee is served with either sugar, or in some parts of Ethiopia, salt. Milk or any type of creamer is never used in traditionally brewing. The process of making the coffee varies by region. In some regions it is dry processed and in some other regions it is washed. The Ethiopian coffee found in stores today is dry processed.

The process is often grueling and coupled with with importing adds to the reason of why Ethiopian coffee can be expensive.

When consumers purchase Ethiopian coffee to be brewed at home, it is wise to consider fair trade Ethiopian coffee. The obvious reason to consider fair trade is so that the producers of this wonderful product can reap the benefits of their hard work. Ethiopian coffee has a rich, bold, and exciting history and a taste that has been favored by many people for a long time.

Sumatran Coffee (Indonesia)

Sumatran coffee comes from the island in Indonesia called Sumatra. The taste of Sumatran coffee is spicy, herbal, and very distinct. It is considered to be one of the best

universe Insanity Workout Programs

  • Posted on May 23, 2017 at 4:16 pm

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The main element concerning the Insanity Workout routine essentially get hold of therapies set in doing it. Watch over this type of Personnel Beachbody Advisor occasion movies, or possibly take a look at Jim’s actually constructed internet to keep fit and therefore reducing weight make it possible for in these modern times. Irrespective of whether you will do zumba inside your home, face-to-face with your primary Tv when participating in a suitable zumba wellness and fitness pastime, or if you will do zumba inside the charm. These people work through many times your primary body possibly your smaller body system. I’m a suitable ferocious food stand and therefore acessed average joe on a daily basis.

Weekend I take advantage of “Chest, Shoulder blades, and therefore Triceps” Dvd movie while as part of the P90X fitness program. To receive the almost all of fat training routines, you ought to increase your depth as time goes on. I’m certain originating from a hopping alignment to cedar plank alignment photographs sensed a sharp ache with my most suitable hand. Very first from the training routines is referred to as Greatest extent Span Sporting Working out, so next is referred to as Frenzied Abdominal muscles and therefore final will probably be the Box Deliberated Workout. Insanity Workout analyze point for that which count on and the way lose weight fast: Will possibly not be qualified to go about doing almost every move the 1st 30 days.

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Choosing a Great Coffee Cup

  • Posted on May 22, 2017 at 9:03 pm

Looking for the best cup of coffee? Do your homework first! Coffee is coffee, right? Wrong! Quality coffee is the RIGHT coffee. Ignorance is bliss, yes? Wrong again! An informed consumer is always ahead of the game. Choosing your coffee is not any different from picking out a holiday ham. You are fussy about the bread you buy or how much sugar is hiding in your kids cereal. Be discriminating about your coffee. Be informed. The informed coffee consumer is always ahead of the game. From the freshly roasted coffee beans, all the way to the cup you use, choose your coffee wisely. Don’t stick your head in the consumer sand bucket and settle for less than the best. Being willing to accept the coffee commercials and hype they feed us as gospel can cause you to settle for second-rate, low quality coffee beans from a year ago. Vacuum sealed cans were designed to make you think your coffee is fresh and bursting with flavor, when you hear the seal pop. Don’t buy it!

If you start with fresh you get fresh. Quality gourmet coffee is roasted hours prior to shipping and is at your door step within…at the most a week of roasting. It should arrive in a vacuum sealed bag with a breathing seal. Starting with fresh high quality beans means being willing to settle for nothing less than the best high quality coffee beans you can find. Most sites that sell coffee offer fresh ground coffee beans as an option. If you don’t own a coffee grinder, this may work for you until you can purchase one. Purchasing coffee from one of the coffee sites offering this option will at least ensure that your coffee is reasonably fresh, however, it needs to be used up right away, or stored properly. If you buy coffee already ground, you as the consumer want to bear in mind that already ground coffee loses the original quality quickly. Storing coffee in a mason jar with a tight lid on a cool shelf in the pantry is a wonderful way to keep it palatable for up to a month.

Ever purchase ground coffee in the store, open the can, take a whiff, and it smells wonderful? Inside of 24 hours that same can of coffee will not only lose potency, but will smell like it’s been sitting there on the counter for months (a trained nose detects this after a little bit of practice). There are two basic reasons for this phenomenon:

1. The coffee in the can is gleaned from poor quality beans to maximize the profit margins of the mass producing retail market industry. These coffee beans are either low quality arabica beans or they are robusta beans, which are like a weed in the coffee world.

2. The coffee was roasted months ago, vacuum sealed and the quality in the fresh roasted coffee beans is broken down significantly. This is done to meet mass demand in a hurry.

3. (I know I said there were only two, but this one is nagging at me) When you lose flavor you destroy the antioxidants! Antioxidants are our justification for drinking coffee in the first place! Justify your case!

Are you convinced by now that there is no substitute for good quality coffee? Buying quality freshly roasted

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  • Posted on May 22, 2017 at 11:09 am

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